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Pilot franchises article

I wrote an article for about pilot franchises. A pilot franchise is a proof of concept, a test, a template. Call it what you will however they all amount to the same thing. The article is really about why it can be a great move to join a new franchisor. Some would be nervous of going a new franchise brand. However, knowing what I do, I’d be excited!

In simple terms, provided you are joining a decent management team ask yourself this question: Will the franchisor have more time for the first franchisees or the 57th? If you’re the 57th you are not as important as the first group are you? Although the 50th will probably get a load of PR I suppose!

Why run a pilot franchise?

Pilot franchises are all about proving that the business can be replicated in someone else’s hands. Inexperienced franchisors learn a lot when they launch a new franchise opportunity. Actually running a test franchise really helps all parties concerned and irons out lots of the wrinkles. When I speak to potential new franchisors I look closely at how replicatable the business is with or without a pilot. A pilot franchise isn’t always necessary if the current operation is closely aligned to what a new franchise might be anyway.

Here’s a link to the article:

Why it pays to join a new franchisor and be one of their first franchisees

Andy and the Lime Licensing Group franchise team work with a lot of new franchises every year. Get in touch and Andy will be happy to discuss which new companies are planning a new franchise launch shortly.