Love a nice plugin

In addition to learning wordpress with this site I have also revamped another website for a telemarketing brand that I own called the Cold Calling Club. The company has been fully booked for sometime so ironically it’s website wasn’t in any way a necessity. I think it’s last update was probably 5 years ago! But as part of my new hobby it has had a revamp and is now looking great again. Once again I used the SpicePress theme, just to make life easier for me since that’s what I use on this site too.

The Cold Calling Club works on a pre payment basis so for sometime now they’ve been sending pro forma invoices out or working on standing orders with clients. So my lesson for last week was to install a stripe plugin to accept card payments. I used Direct Stripe for this and it seems to have worked great.

I’ve also set up an Amazon Associates account and that’s a simple HTML code to copy and paste into a HTML snippet. What I really want to do though is to just link that to business items that I use in my every day work. I’ll figure that one out too over the next few weeks. This is a long running project with no time limit.

After the problems of a week or two ago Ive got to grips with it now and my plugins are doing what they are supposed to do, my Adsense Ads are running and my broken link checker is behaving! I have to say the way WordPress installs and activates plugins makes web design a real breeze. I’m genuinely amazed at how great this site and the telemarketing site looks using these templates. You’d never know that I’ve done them in my spare time and that I’m a relative novice.

Still won’t be sacking the SEO and web team who do Lime Licensing Groups site though, they are years ahead of me!