Who’s having the last laugh now?

Who’s having the last laugh now? I’ve always loved this saying and it’s various versions. He who laughs last laughs longest, or having the last laugh. There’s something about the mindset of the entrepreneur who has yet to make it who says “well done to you, but thinks it’s gonna be him or her in the future”. By firmly believing that you’ll have the last laugh your inner confidence shines through. This mindset also means you can enjoy everyone else’s successes, you’re never jealous or envious because you’re going to they there too. It’s just a matter of time.

This article isn’t about vengeance or proving people wrong, as sweet a feeling as that may be. It’s about business confidence and your belief that no matter what you’ll succeed. As a early stage entrepreneur you must have that belief. Possessing the confidence to ignore your tiny office filled with eBay specials, these are a mere stepping stone to other things. Look at them fondly, they represent your beginning not your end. Not even your mid point actually. Your humble beginnings and lowly turnover don’t matter because your fledgling business is going to take flight. It might be a long and hard runway and a low flight to start with but your positive mindset and the certainty of a profitable outcome will see you reach great heights.

Potentially others doubt you. Maybe they think you’re doomed to failure. Maybe some would love to see you fail. But the unpalatable truth is that no one really cares, apart from your spouse and parents. It has been said that comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to others is a futile waste of time. You have more important things to be thinking about. For example, create a vision board, or a PowerPoint slideshow of what you’d love to achieve. No words just pictures. Don’t worry about how to get there, just get the pictures in. A few suggestions, Maybe you’ll have one that symbolises good health. One for your happy marriage with your spouse (hopefully the one you’re with now!) Your pets too. Another for what your future house looks like, or car or boat. Another for your business premises or a map with lots of location markets on it. If you want a certain watch then find a pic of it and add it to the vision board.

You’ll notice these aren’t financial images of lots of money. Or a big cheque. These are images of your personal well being and assets. The money is simply a conduit to what you’re aiming for, it will sort itself out if you aim for the pictures you’ve included. Try and imagine how it’ll feel. How many average clients will your new business need to achieve this? Get a blank piece of paper, or a blank word document and write “business plan” on it. Write the number of clients down that your 2nd hand Ferrari might need, is it 50 clients at £1350 for example? What do you need to do to get those 50 clients? Write it down step by step by step. Now stop right there and focus on the doing not the talking or typing. Get going with it!

When people ask what you do tell them you’ve started a new widget business and are growing it into an [insert outcome]. Do they need any widgets? Know anyone who does? Never stop selling, remember your Ferrari needs 50 clients. Be unshakable in your focus and tenacity chasing what you need to do. You’ll have the last laugh.