free marketing plan

7 steps to a free marketing plan

Franchise owners, just like non franchise owners need to apply sound small business skills to what they are doing.

A common statement I hear is that marketing is too expensive. #Rubbish. If you’re a local business you can spread the word about your business without expense. Get busy and do the following at least:

Free marketing plan for a local business

  1. Social Media engagement. Get set up on all of them but as an absolute minimum. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Pinterest if you have time.
  2. Local free directories. Type in “free business listing [your town] and you’ll be inundated with websites offering free marketing. Get your details on there and try and include a link back to your website.
  3. Human Mail Shot. You know where your customers are so get walking and knock on doors. “Hi, I have just set up a new widget business, I live locally to you and I think I could give you a better deal, where do you get your widgets from at the moment? “
  4. Direct Mail. As above but post through letterboxes, residential or commercial. £50 on Vistaprint could get you 1000 leaflets. You don’t need to put a stamp on them you can just get walking
  5. Trading what you do for publicity. Lets say you’re a florist for example. You’d like to be at a wedding fair that costs £250 but you don’t have £250. You could however afford to give the organiser a fresh bouquet of flowers every week. £250 at retail might only cost you £75 at wholesale price. Trade your £250 worth of flowers for a free stand at the show. I have done deals just like this all my life!
  6. Recommend each other. If you sell business consultancy then why not recommend an accountant to your clients? The accountant can then recommend you in exchange. Win/Win. You could probably set up 10 of these right away!
  7. ABC – My initials but actually stands for “Always be closing”. It’s a Sunday and you’re at a neighbours bar-be-que. Someone there could be client of yours? I have sold franchises worth £50k at neighbours bar-be-ques – truly I have! Get talking and suggest to people that they could be dealing with you. If it’s not for them sow a seed a different way, e.g. “I run a local charity for lost cats, do you know anyone who might be interested in working with us”?
  8. If you don’t fancy it get a professional marketing agency to help you like