Franchising in Wales

Franchising in Wales

I remember many years ago when Wales had it’s own franchise exhibition. It so long ago I can’t remember the exact date but I do remember it. So it put a smile on my face when I spoke with Sam Day who is organising a franchise exhibition in Cardiff on October 3rd. He also organises shows in a few other areas, for example, Milton Keynes. Now you have a good reason to visit Milton Keynes! If you’re interested in finding a franchise in Wales it’s well worth a visit, and for a few good reasons.Franchise Now Cardiff

Getting drunk together

I am very fortunate to be able to spend a significant amount of my time in bars, clubs and pubs with various “franchising people”. Theres some great franchisors I know, successful people who I first met 20+ years ago. I also know some real cowboys whose sole purpose in life (it seems) is to con people. Like all industries franchising has some undesirable people in it. Once the alcohol is flowing it’s amazing how people disclose their true feelings towards their fellow franchise professionals or franchisees. Showing off maybe, or a bit of, mainly male, bravado. But I make a mental note of what is said, or at least what I can remember the next day. This isn’t unique to franchising in Wales it’s the same in England, Scotland and Ireland too. If you can, join in with whatever franchise gatherings you can find before or after shows or franchise events or locally. Gate crash them even!

Shows let you get face to face

As you mull over your options in franchising you’ll probably spend most of your time online. In doing so you’ll be reading what franchisors want you to read, but a skilled copywriter doesn’t necessarily make a skilled franchisor. By taking the time to actually meet franchisors and ask them about their business and the opportunity for others to join as a franchise owner you’ll learn a lot more. Anyone can create a nice website, only the good ones can create a good franchise. Get yourself over to a franchise show like Franchise Now and you’ll get face to face with many people who are looking for someone like you. When you get to see the whites of someones eyes you have a better idea of how genuine they are and if you could work together. Because in franchising you’ll be working together one way or another. You’ll also get to meet some franchise owners who I always find are brutally frank about their experiences. Take the time to seek them out.

Kill many birds with one franchise stone

It’s a time consuming affair meeting franchisors, they don’t conveniently live on your street. So visiting a franchise show allows you to get several meetings done in one day. Research the show before hand and make contact with the franchisors you like. Then arrange to see them at the show by prior arrangement. Agree a time that you’ll be at the stand so that they are free for you. Some shows are very busy and you simply can’t get to speak to those you want to.

Franchise Advice in Wales

Then there’s my own company Lime Licensing Group who have launched there own regional office in Cardiff too. Run by Kevin Thomas a very experienced franchise professional Kevin helps businesses and potential franchisees to find their perfect fit!¬†Franchising in Wales is alive and kicking again! So whatever your interest in franchising give Kevin a call on 07527 508203. ¬†Lime will also have a stand at the show and Kevin will be there.

The Cardiff show is showcasing franchising in Wales, it’s well worth a visit.