Franchise Staff Recruitment

Franchise Staff Recruitment has now got easier. Finding the right people to help you on your franchising journey is a constant challenge that many of Lime Licensing Groups clients struggle with. Good people are hard to find. 

franchise jobs

I like to think that I am a solution provider as much as a consultant. So, Lime Licensing Group has come up with a great service to help franchisors with their franchise staff recruitment challenges. It’s a new business called, wait for it … FranchiseStaff! Click on the hyperlink to view the website. 

It’s got a green logo of course since that’s my favourite colour and it’s part of the Lime Licensing family.  

Access to all executive job boards

We’ve got a strategic relationship with a very large recruitment company that gives us access to all major job boards. This means that by working with FranchiseStaff every candidate that is available is likely to be found. No individual consultant can match our reach because of that.

To find out more about FranchiseStaff contact me on 07782 115993 and let’s have a chat about how we can help you.