Elite Franchising

We’re all shaped by our experiences in business and in life and since 1992 when I started my franchise career I think I’ve probably experienced it all! Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned pro or even if your brand hasn’t even been launched yet this is a unique opportunity to improve your franchised business, maybe radically improve your franchised business!

Over the years I’ve advised various brands, teaching elite strategies to grow franchise networks and also how to optimise mature networks. I’ve successfully established and sold several large franchise networks of my own along the way, two of which were market leaders, so I haven’t learnt it from a book – it’s been on the coalface where it matters the most.

Elite franchising invigorates your efforts, stimulates network and royalty growth and I have proved time and time again that improvements are always there for every franchisor. A monthly or weekly power hour with me can set out a bespoke blueprint for you as a career specialist or for your franchise brand and address all the issues currently affecting your optimum performance. Power hours are a series and not a one off, because many elements work together and not in isolation so you’ll need to commit to at least 6 to get measurable results.

Costs: Weekly / Monthly Managing / Franchise Director Power Hours: £200 / hour can be remote or face to face, Minimum 6 sessions only.

Put the time in, implement the advice, build on it, measure it and generate increasing revenues in your franchised business.

One day on elite Franchising, to refresh campaigns, help under performing staff or to educate your entire franchise team on best practice in franchising. Full of real nuggets, practical advice and tips and strategies that any franchisor will benefit from.

Here’s the first things we’ll typically cover together and aim to improve upon.

Preliminary: Identifying the issues that are currently in place with your brand and what other franchisors are experiencing and winning with right now.

1: The Perfect Franchise Recruitment Process – I guarantee that you are not doing everything that you could do to convert more leads, so copy this system and turn more leads into buyers. There is a lot of competition for the best franchisees so it is simply not good enough to ever think that you are doing all that you can to encourage them to join you. We’ll look at what you are doing now, discuss the process, people, media and decision making and then layout any elements that you can incorporate into your own recruitment drive.

2: Effective Franchisee Meetings – Examples from top tier franchisors covering the format they use, the questions they ask and what works in different sectors – this is what Andy teaches his personal clients to replicate. We’ll look at psychometrics, demo’s, Franchisee Referals, and getting the balance right between awarding franchises and selling franchises.

3: Why Franchise resales are essential to your start up recruitment drive – Copy Andy’s resale strategy and generate huge numbers of free leads for your start up areas whilst clearing up the areas that need selling on.

4: KPI’s and your own recruitment campaign – We’ll go through what you should be measuring, why and how you can use it to improve. We’ll then look at the spend you are making with franchise media and what you can expect to receive back and we’ll finish up with designing the perfect campaign to meet your objectives including the relevance of time spent on PR, Video and Social Media

5. Raising performance standards in mature franchise networks – Network management techniques that weed out the dead wood, raise standards amongst the majority, and some brilliant practical steps to follow that optimise the royalty from your franchise network. Under performance is a cancer in franchised networks, it’s negative impact influences others and spreads, all elite franchisors treat under performance with specifc strategies that assist the ailing franchisee and the franchisor. It’s a true win-win.

A bespoke version of the above is prepared for each client.

One Day Elite Franchisee Recruitment Blueprint

Costs:  £1,000 6 hours face to face in your premises, maximum 6 attendees.

Mileage at 40p / mile and previous evenings hotel costs if required to be covered by you in addition

Interested? Contact Andy today on 01274 662001 to find out more or to arrange a meeting or send an enquiry on our contact page. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]