Outrageous Epson!

Epson premium phone line is outrageous!

I had the huge misfortune of acquiring a new Epson printer, an ET-16500 to be precise. This is one expensive printer coming in at just under £1000 for my home office. For some reason I couldn’t get it to print double sided. So I popped on to Epson’s website to give them a call …. and that’s when the fun began!

Why do large companies make it difficult to ring them? Have you ever struggled to find a large company’s phone number? It’s a flipping nightmare! Then, after faffing about scrolling through numerous FAQ’s and other “non phone number” options, I scroll to the bottom of the page and find the trusty “Contact Us” option. I click on that and at last a phone number I can call to speak to a human being (in theory) …. but wait, what’s that asterisk*? They will charge me 10p per minute to ring them up. How can this possibly be right?

This story will be updated but I’m a week in and Epson have escalated my call from the unsuccessful first line support, who I found to be actually impolite, and then on to the second one where someone rang me who were very polite, a bit more savvy but alas still unable to make my £1k printer work properly and I’m now at level 3 which apparently can take 5 days (3 already) and Ive had a reassuring call suggesting it may be after Christmas. That obviously doesn’t help me one bit!

I’ll update this blog as things change which I hope they do!