Why a great slogan is one of your best business assets.

“Open 23.5 hours per day”. What does that say to you? I forget where I saw it but it was decades ago and I still remember it today. Choosing a great slogan gives customers a different view of who you are and what you do. A great slogan is one of your best business assets. It also allows founders to unveil a bit about the personalities behind the brand.

Business Assets Slogans and Strap Lines

You’ve tried the Cowboys, now try the Indians.

Patel & Singh Builders pulled off this master stroke of a strap line and I for one would probably hire them based on that alone! To me it not only shows a fun side but it also says they’ll do a great job. Builders work in an industry that often lacks credibility. Something about this slogan builds trust. 

A lot less bovver than a hover.

Can you remember the brand name? Maybe not, but if you are of a certain age you’ll already know what this refers to. It was the slogan that shifted an entire industry away from hover mowers. Out of all the tangible business assets that Qualcast owned this slogan was probably the most valuable. I don’t think they ever trade marked it either! Probably didn’t need to. 

“Fluent in Franchising”.

Three words that convey a certain level of expertise. If you were to be hiring a franchise consultancy this is what you would want isn’t it? Fluency. It says they know everything. It’s a great choice of words that Lime Licensing Group has used for over a decade. 

The Rastafarian Therapist. 

My wife and I were laying on a beach in Barbados when a Rastafarian walked up to us. He introduced himself and asked if we’d like a foot massage. We didn’t look interested until he said “I’m known as Dr Goodfoot”. I’ve long since forgotten his actual name but Dr Goodfoot has stuck in my mind ever since. His brilliant strap line got our business and it made us smile! He probably still uses it today as he wanders up and down the beautiful Maxwell beach. 

So what does your business slogan say about you? 

Do you even have a slogan? What do your potential and actual customers really want? To create one write down the most important elements that your clients value. Or the main issue you solve. How can you turn those words into a short message that resonates with them? Get your thinking cap on and push out a slogan. It can be fun, informative or just relevant. 

This is one of the business assets you can create yourself but if your struggling then any branding agency will help you for a fee. Be sure to put the time in to do it – because you’re worth it! (Credit L’Oreal)