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A Brand Licensing Agency doesn’t confine itself to products, because processes, software and almost anything you can think of can be licensed to others. Provided always that you own or have the rights to the Intellectual Property (IP). 

Often confused with franchising, brand licensing is very different, less involved and therefore a lot simpler. Licensing is a straight forward exercise that grants others sector specific rights to trade with your IP as a result it can be a quick and easy transaction.

Andy restricts each license holder to a specific market sector. This means that a large network of license holders can be assembled to move your brand into the stratosphere!

Brand Licensing stretches your brand’s goodwill into the hands of other companies who run with it to their own customers so you don’t have the day to day work.

Think of JCB and their range of footwear or greeting cards with imagery owned by National Geographic or clothing with David Beckham’s name on it. You don’t think David Beckham sews it all himself do you? Battersea Dogs & Cats home a licensing contract with Casa Chicos who own Hello Kitty and Fisher Price.

In the majority of cases a Brand Licensing Agency is the key ingredient that makes this all come together. Initially time spent through feasibility work and market profiling identifies the most lucrative route. As a result that also means we can find the biggest or quickest wins. You and your current business concentrate on what you do now and therefore continuing to build value in your brand. Andy and his niche team will roll your licensing proposition out to market allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

Key Brand Licensing Agency elements we concentrate on:

  • Brand Stretching Routes to Market
  • Proposition Presentations to key target clients
  • Due diligence and approval
  • Correct licensing terms for each partner
  • Initial License Fee and advance royalties
  • Ongoing royalty levels
  • Royalty collection and auditing

A programme of ongoing maintenance and reporting is put in place after the license is granted. Consequently this protects your interests and to maintain a great relationship with your license holders.  We usually negotiate minimum guaranteed returns and take responsibility for license fee collection and distribution. This protects your commercial interests as a result and ensure ongoing compliance to agreed terms throughout the license period.

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