3 New Year resolutions for franchise business owners

We’re all the same really us business owners. It gets to New Year and we start thinking of making this year a good deal better than the last. Contrary to popular opinion there are some elements and strategies that are shared amongst all franchised businesses. So let me suggest what 3 things you should do right now to get yourself off to the right start in 2019. Franchisee Advice

Learn from the best in your particular business.

I wouldn’t spend a second speaking with someone who’s doing a rubbish job in the same franchise. I would fear that I may catch the same hopeless disease! Instead, if I wanted to be the best oven cleaner I’d find out who’s currently doing the best job. I’d then seek their guidance and try and clone what they are doing. It’s true that birds of a feather flock together but that is the last thing you should be doing if that means the other birds aren’t great at flying! So seek out the top franchisees, and always remember that it may be that the franchisor themselves are the best in the network. In which case get sat down with them for a review and take on board what is said to you.

Re acquaint yourself with your operations manual.

You have a contractual responsibility to run your business in line with the Operational Manual. Don’t see this as a negative thing. The manual isn’t really designed to restrict you, it’s main purpose is to formally detail best practice in your franchise. Now, there is a big assumption that I am making here and that is that your franchisor is keeping it up to date in the first place! Also, that you have kept your original copy up to date as updates have been issued!

As the years roll by in your franchise business you develop a comfortable stance to what needs to be done. But ask yourself, what would a hungry new owner do? They’d kick off with a re run of the training and then implement all those tips and tricks and strategies that are detailed in the Operational Manual. That’s what you should be doing.

Be a Managing Director not a jack of all trades.

A lot of franchises are owner operated sole traders. You can’t be good at everything. So, be your own Managing Director, look at what your business lacks and then enlist external help to get it done properly. This might just be bookkeeping in which case get a bookkeeper and use the time saved to grow more sales. If sales isn’t your thing then don’t sit there in a sleepy business hire a telemarketing agency like The Cold Calling Club who do a lot of work for franchisees.

Always remember you get results from what you focus on, so is your focus on whats positive or negative? You know my advice either way!