Franchising & Brand Licensing

Day to day I spend my time working with a great team of experts at the Lime Licensing Group and over the years one way or another I have been instrumental in the launch of around 2,000 startup businesses, mostly in the franchise industry.


Franchising in the UK is a specialist area of business expansion that is used by many businesses to replicate what they do in another region. Myself and the team at Lime Licensing Group assist a large number of franchisors every year.


Brand Name Licensing allows an established business in one market to partner up with an established business in another market to take their brand as one of their own. Think of JCB partnering with a boot company as an example.

Telemarketing Agency

The Cold Calling Club is a niche telemarketing agency that specialises in B2B outbound calling in the franchise industry

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Want to work with me?

I'm always interested in discussing self employment and working with entrepreneurs to get something started or scale an existing business.