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Franchise Consultants in North Yorkshire

Franchise Consultant Yorkshire

I’m in the business startup game and have been directly linked to around 2,000 UK startups, mainly, but not exclusively, within the franchise industry.

• £100 million in royalty generated for clients

• 2000 individual franchises sold

• 29,000 potential franchisees on our books

• 75+ Franchise Models designed

Franchise Advice

My day job is as a franchise consultant and I own a company called Lime Licensing Group. Very few consultants have actually run multiple franchise brands of their own, but I have owned or co-owned 6 UK franchise brands!  If you want to work with me I don’t want you to follow my 27 years in the franchise industry and repeat my journey. Instead I want you to jump right in with me at the end, here and now and benefit from all my knowhow TODAY!

Some businesses have retained me as a non exec Director which I find very enjoyable work. I can usually bring something to the party that has immediate value and I love working with new Directors in new sectors. To find out my availability please give me a call or complete the form on the contact page.

Business Blog

Aged 54 now I’ve earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most consistently successful franchise consultants. Franchising is no different to any other business start up or expansion really. It has it’s technical and legal requirements but the principles of good business are no different. Sales effort, marketing, branding, cost control, and good customer service matter just as much in franchise land as they do for PLC’s and SME’s.

My occasional blog includes comments on my encounters with other companies, suppliers, and the various people that I meet. I’ll also be detailing the challenges my business and my clients face!

My involvement with your business works because every company can benefit from the experience of a proven professional with a successful track record. My in depth knowledge of the current business environment and how it works with franchising makes a tangible difference. I’ll make things happen for your organisation, utilising my sector knowledge and that of my experienced colleagues at Lime Licensing Group.

Contact me today on to find out more or to arrange a meeting